Women’s History Association of Ireland Constitution

1. The name of the organisation is: the Women’s History Association of Ireland. The purpose of the association is to encourage and promote studies and research in women’s history, during all periods and from all aspects, and to hold, if possible, an annual conference.

2. The Council of the Association shall have a coordinating function as the Irish National Committee for the International Federation for Research in Women’s History. Proposals to establish regional branches may be submitted to the Hon. Secretary at least six weeks before the annual general meeting. Membership of branches approved at the AGM will constitute full membership of the Association.

3. The Council shall elect a delegate to serve on the International Council.

4. Membership shall be open to all individuals and groups interested in furthering the aims of the association.

5. Each member or group shall pay an annual income-related subscription to the association.

6. Members of the association are entitled to attend and participate in the annual conference, in any meetings arranged by the association and in the Annual General Meeting. They may bring motions, proposed and seconded by members, before the Annual General Meeting and vote in matters put to the vote.

7. Council members shall be practitioners of women’s history. The Council shall consist of four officers (Hon. President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Publications Officer) plus four ordinary members, all elected at the annual general meetings of the association. Nominations, for Council officers and ordinary members, shall be made at least fourteen days before the AGM to the Hon. Secretary and must include a short curriculum vitae of the nominee and be signed by the nominee and by two members of the association. Hon. Chairpersons of regional branches of the association are also ex-officio members of the Council and may serve as members of the Council. Two Honorary Vice-Presidents may be nominated by the Council, and will have a non-voting seat at Council meetings. The Hon. President shall serve for not longer than five consecutive years. Other officers and ordinary members of the Council shall retire after three years and are ineligible for re-election for a period of one year. A Programmes Officer, for the annual conference, shall be nominated by the Council from existing members.

8. The Council shall meet at least twice a year, once during the annual conference. The Council may co-opt members to fill vacant offices or places on Council until the next annual general meeting.

9. The Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer shall submit their reports to the Annual General Meeting which shall be held during the annual conference.

10.Four members of the Council, including one officer, shall constitute a quorum on the Council. In the absence of the Hon. President a person elected by those present shall take the chair.

11.Twenty members shall constitute a quorum at the Annual General Meeting. In the absence of the Hon. President an Hon. chairperson shall be elected by the meeting. The Hon. President (or Hon. chairperson for the meeting) shall vote only in the event of a tie.

12.Proposals for amendments to the constitution may be made by majority by any meeting of the Councilor by ten members of the Association. They must be submitted to the Hon. Secretary at least six weeks before the annual general meeting and sent by the Hon. Secretary to members at least 21 days before the annual general meeting. To take effect proposals must be approved by two thirds of those eligible to vote at the meeting.


You may download a PDF of the Constitution WHAI constitution

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